7th September ‘10  (taken from my personal journal…)
I have in the past, read passages where a person has been said to have been broken and are now a shadow of their former self.  Or perhaps their spirit has been broken.
Most people will agree that the totality of being human can be described as the result of the trinity of body, mind and spirit.

We can all understand how to break a body.  It exists in the physical sense so can be broken in physical ways.  But can the same be said for breaking the mind, or spirit?
I suppose first we need to define what is mind and what is spirit.

Mind – in my view the brain is part of the body, therefore does not contain the mind, but the mind is the aspect of a person that is experienced by another, perhaps in terms of being the person’s personality, or internal nature.  So, the mind must have full access to the brain and therefore the physical body in order to project it’s nature in such a way that others can pick up on it.  In this way it can be seen that self-awareness exists because of the duality of body and mind.

Spirit – this is like the driving force behind the person.  Sensei Moller once said to me “To reach the mind you must tire the body, to reach spirit, you must tire the mind.”  So by this token, the body protect and hides the mind.  The mind does the same for the spirit.

It seems to me that when a person is credited with having a strong spirit they are also credited with having a great zest for life.  I suppose this makes sense if I continue to associate driving force with spirit.  The greater the spirit, the greater the passion for life.

So… the spirit defines the level of passion for living that a person has.

Mind (or personality) is how that passion is expressed.

And body is the tool with which the passion can be expressed within the physical world.

Therefore the ultimate self-expression would be the perfect balance of the trinity of body, mind and spirit demonstrated through a physical manifestation of the level of passion towards a certain activity, ‘coloured’ by the idiosyncrasies of that particular mind.

So… this self-expression would be the spontaneous creativity that emerges, and the harmony of the trinity, demonstrated within a learned activity that required no thought at that moment in time – Oooh!  That’s Mushin no Shin!!!!

Ah…!  This is why I wish to reach the ability to perform in Mushin!  Somehow I already knew the above, but have never tried to investigate it in order to put it into words.