1st December ‘10  (taken from my personal journal…)

The debate over the existence of Gods is irrelevant and erroneous.  In day-to-day observation, it becomes obvious that religious people act as they choose to act, whether within, or without the rules of their religion.

Atheists and agnostics do exactly the same; they act within, or without their chosen set of ‘rules’… indeed, they may not even acknowledge any rules.

Therefore, the existence of Gods has no real bearing on day-to-day choices and responsibilities. So their existence is irrelevant.

  • When a person realises deep down that they are responsible for all their actions and the subsequent consequences, the need to believe in a God will cease.
  • With the realisation that we each have the infinite power of ‘choice’ over everything that we do, the need for the trappings of religion disappear.
  • Should one’s actions reflect the belief of another, if one has realised that they are responsible for their own actions and subsequent consequences?