21st February ‘11  (taken from my personal journal…)

How can a person be at one with nature?
Well, firstly, what is nature?

I suppose that within the human psyche it is the existence and effects of living things in and on their surroundings. Therefore, nature is generally considered to be ‘life’.
However, it must also be understood that inanimate, non-living objects (not manmade) are an integral part of nature as well.

So, nature is the naturally occurring, living and non-living parts of our existence, and their effects thereof.
So, how can a person be at one with nature?
Well, if all of nature were clear moving water like a mountain stream, then to be at one with it would mean flowing with it, not causing ripples by going against the flow, or by forcing a direction that is at odds with the natural course.

Or it could be to be a river plant securely bound to the riverbed, allowing your fronds to wave with the flow, putting no extra obstruction to the flow of the water than your mere existence already infers.
Eventually your hold on the riverbed would weaken and you would become dislodged, then be swept up in the flow of the water and carried gently to your end.

Your only effects on nature would be to change your state from living to dead.


In this modern age how would one go about adjusting their life to live in this way?

Get outside, start to become aware of the natural sounds, smells, sights, tastes and textures; go sit in a field, a mountain top, by a waterfall, etc, and learn to quieten the mind so that you can reach a state of middle-ground where you are neither pushing hard to be against nature (as is apparent in much of the western way of life), nor trying so hard to be so in tune with it that you forget that you are still human – you should not be trying to be a butterfly, or a raindrop, or a tree!

Simply push away your desires that are driven by education, the need for recognition of achievement, emotions and materialism.

Simply be.