3rd March ’11  (taken from my personal journal…)


This thing the Chinese call Chi, the Japanese call Qi, the Christians call the holy spirit, James Lovelock calls Gaia, many of us refer to as Mother nature; is it something that is exuded by all living things? (And non-living, or not?) Or perhaps felt by living things, or maybe it is the ‘spirit’ or ‘soul’ from which we derive our own ‘independent’ part…?
Or is it simply something that we humans have a common capacity to unknowingly invent somewhere deep inside us, that then feels as if it is something that comes from an external source?

Could this be then, the origin of religion, as the first thinkers of the world would have discovered this ‘feeling’ (self-created, or otherwise) and could only explain it by giving it a ‘supernatural’ existence?

Whatever it is, it is something that I have felt on a few occasions.
Once riding my bike on a track one beautiful autumn evening, it felt, deep inside me, as if all of nature had finished its job for the year, satisfied, and was settling down in preparation for it’s winter sleep.

Another time, on the bike again, I turned my head to look out along a shallow valley and was for a short time disassociated from my physical body. Only when my thinking mind realised what was being experienced did I come back to the body. Sounds weird… and it was! But it felt great!

Now, there is a very subtle background feeling that this ‘shared spirit? ’ is there. I have noticed it and as a result I find that I cannot ‘un-notice’ it.

I think that I am now starting to understand what the old masters meant when they said that they weren’t afraid to die, as it was only the mortal part of them that died… and that they would continue to exist in the same way that they existed before their body born.
We; our self, all come from the same source, but our individuality is what makes us believe (and very convincing it is!) that we exist separately to the world by way of the physical body. And that we only exist whilst the physical body is alive.

It now seems to me that this cannot be true. How else could I ‘connect’ to the feeling of oneness / earthly spirit / Gaia / Chi / Qi / Mother Nature described above?

I personally, don’t believe that this is something created by me, deep inside, as every aspect of the few experiences I’ve had felt like they were outside of my physical existence.

How can a person chase this? See the previous entry above (21st Feb ’11).