24th January ‘11  (taken from my personal journal…)

We are each like a piece of a puzzle in that, in order to live harmoniously with all aspects of ours lives, we need to find the place where we fit.
When we are young, we are still being shaped by our surroundings, environment, peers and personal perceptions.
The edges of our puzzle piece are still fuzzy and not fully defined. At young age’s we are still able to influence where in the puzzle we will eventually fit in.

The benefit of self-discovery is that one can become aware of the shape of his puzzle piece, and this gives the opportunity to find his place in life and to fit in harmoniously without putting strain on the adjacent pieces.
Without this knowledge, many may see a hole they like the look of in the complete puzzle of life and try to fit to it, rather than search for the right shape hole.

The problem with this is that as we age, the edges of our puzzle piece become more and more defined, until eventually we are unable to adjust the shape of our puzzle without great, almost impossible effort. Eventually each of us will reach a stage where if we wish to change our position on the great puzzle of life, the effort required to change shape would be too great to achieve in the remainder of our lifetime.