12th April ‘11  (taken from my personal journal…)

People sometimes ask:
Why do you bother with all this fitness stuff? It seems like a lot of hard work, and you keep getting injured! Why don’t you just take it easy like me?

Well, my answer could be:
It’s like a car mechanic with a real passion for cars. He works for 20 years learning everything he can about cars, their problems and the solutions, how to tune them to their best possible performance. Eventually he can prove he really knows his stuff and is then taken on by the F1 team. This is his dream job. He would be happy to pay to do this, but they are paying him! He can now play with the highest performance automobiles ever created. Wow! What a place to get to.”

Then they say:
Yeah, ok, but what about the injuries?

I say:
The only injuries happen when I make a mistake, or something is out of balance in some way, or something unpredictable happens. The major difference though is that with a car, what something starts to wear out, you can replace it. With my body, I have to listen to when the wearing out has gone too far, then change the way in which the body mechanics work, or change the activity, or the level by which I measure the body’s performance.”
I’m the mechanic, my body is the car, my passion is in finding out just how high a performance I can get out of it.

Now, I ask you the reader, in what, does your passion lie?