14th September 2011 (taken from my personal journal)

I have been intrigued for a few years now about the apparent ‘link’ between music; which can have such a profound influence on peoples’ moods, health and spirit levels, and the latest physics ideas about ‘string theory’.

(String Theory is the idea proposed by the physicists that the very fabric of our ‘physical’ universe consists of countless zillions of the tiniest packets of energy that vibrate in different ways, with different energy levels, and therefore frequencies, in a way that might been seen as analogous with the way that strings of a piano or guitar behave when struck or plucked. These differences define the properties of that string, and therefore the manner in which it is used within the dimensions it affects.)

As for music, I would tend to define the creation of good music as the art of producing a series of vibrations in the air at frequencies that compliment each other over a period of time (i.e. modern pop songs are generally around 5 minutes long) that sound pleasing to the ear.

It seems to me that there is a link between the Original Face (what you were ‘made’ to be), the vibrations of music, quantum fluctuations, string theory, and the development of a person prior to birth (presumably afterwards as well). .. Right, let’s try and put this into words!

There appears to me to be a link because of the way that music can open a person to realising the reality of the Original Face as that is something that is a universe-wide reality that we each have access to / are a part of, and it is also what we were made of – not the body, but the glue that keeps the mind / body / spirit trinity in one piece. It is our origin.  It is the place where our spark of life came from. It is the place where the spark goes at the death of the body. It is what makes the material of bodies come alive.
The spark does not always occur at places where it could.  For example, scatter a handful of seeds over a fertile and prepared flowerbed and we know from experience that not all the seeds will geminate even though they came from the same ‘parent’ and they were treated in the same way and sown in the same suitable place.
The spark does not always arrive.

Harmony must be some sort of key to this as when things are in harmony, they work well with other things that are in harmony.  Like a pair of pitch forks, when one is struck, with the other still, the harmony can transcend the ‘space’ between them and create harmony in the other. They ring together.
Unfortunately, within human experience, disharmony can also be transferred from one to another.
Harmony helps with mood, helps reduce pain and heal injury or illness, lifts a person’s spirit and with it, their health.
Harmony is the right chord struck at the right moment to compliment other ‘notes’.
If the right note is struck it can even bring harmony to disharmony by adding to the totality, rather than requiring a search for the offending ‘note’ then its subsequent removal.
Some types of music are used to help a person relax appropriately for meditation – this is of course the individual searching for, discovering, or re-visiting their Original Face. Once again there appears to be a link.

Music affects so many people. It can be seen at a stage performance where different harmonies affect different people in the audience in different ways.
For me there are musical harmonies that thus far have eluded description, and that involuntarily bring me out in tears of joy at the sound… and I’m most definitely not the only one like this.
I think what I am trying to say in this entry, is that I can’t help but wonder if there is a link between the ‘frequencies / harmonies / vibrations’ that allow a person to exist spiritually, and the ‘frequencies / harmonies / vibrations’ that makes a person cry in the way I do.

Another thing that has recently come to mind that I feel partially supports the idea above, is the way the non-identical twins, triplets, etc, are so similar in appearance and manner even though they each originate from different eggs and sperm. If they had been conceived with a greater length of time between them, i.e. greater than the gestation period, they would be brothers and sisters in the same manner, just without the same birth date, but most pertinently; there would be a greater, far more apparent difference between them.

…and something else… recently I saw something headlined on the front of a popular science magazine (New Scientist?) that was suggesting that our thoughts seem like they might be related to, or perhaps even forming from quantum uncertainty…