6th Oct ‘11 (taken from my personal journal)

There is a lyric in Spandau Ballet’s song ‘Through the Barricades’ that says ‘We made our love on wasteland.’ which, each time I hear it, sparks off an idea:

The seed of a beautiful flower, when sown in good ground, grows well and produces a beautiful flower and new seed.
However, that same seed sown in bad ground, or wasteland, may struggle to grow at all. It might grow a little, but then may well die before it blooms, and even then, the bloom won’t be what it could have been.

How many human endeavours of all kinds, i.e. adventure, business, relationships, emotional, are sown on wasteland, only to be left to die because they weren’t sown in the right place… or perhaps the right time… or tended in the right way.

This idea makes it obvious that for something to grow to its best effect, that not only must the nurture of the seed be well attended, but also its place of germination must be well selected and prepared.