12th Oct ‘11 (taken from my personal journal)

Does a person only ‘believe’ in something if it is something that truly matters to them?

Some people get worried about getting older. They can get upset when they reach ‘milestone’ birthdays, such as 30, 40, or 50. But is this because they believe in the number?
As I’ve said before, ‘birthdays are irrelevant’, they are only a footnote to your life to say how many times you’ve managed to complete a circuit of the sun. They are relevant to NOTHING else.

Other ‘beliefs’:
• A driver might believe in traffic lights. They might believe that it is safe to go when their light turns green. What if someone else believes that it is still safe to go through a red light as it’s only just changed…?
• There are many that believe in fashion; i.e. it is important to look good, or to display that you are a part of a group, or sub-culture. But do they truly believe that it is a particular type of look that makes life more valuable?
• Another person might believe in money. They might believe that they are more successful if they have more money, therefore have a more valuable life. What about tribal people who live in the rainforest and have no money. Is it really right to consider them the least successful people on the planet?
• Yet another might believe in the law of the land. But have they ever considered that the law might simply be a way of smoothing over the ripples in society made by the fact that we are each different, we each believe different things are right and wrong? … 70 million different viewpoints in Britain alone.

If a ‘thing’ doesn’t matter to an individual, do they believe in its existence, or importance?

My beliefs:
I believe that there is a ‘force’, for wont of a better term, that is all pervading throughout the universe. It is the force that creates and destroys everything, but is without self-awareness. It exists detached from time and space. It was there before the start of the universe, and will be there after the end.
However, I would also argue that I don’t believe this anymore, as I feel that I have experienced its existence through accidental meditation.
I would argue that I have gone beyond belief… I now know it exists.
My research so far, suggests that it is the same as the core part of any belief system. Some call it God or holy spirit, some call it Tao… and there are many other names. Greatly differing belief systems have grown up around this core, but the core remains the same.
I think that to find it, you have to first find a belief system that resonates with your nature, then follow it either partially, or fully, until the core truth is experienced, then your beliefs, and the need for that belief system will fall by the wayside as it is replaced by knowledge of it’s existence.

On the smaller scale of everyday events, I try not to ‘believe’ in anything because I understand that those beliefs are simply perceptions of mine that are coloured by the accumulation of personal experience, but I’m aware that I don’t have all the possible colours as I haven’t experienced everything, so I know that my perception will be wrong… there is always another view.
With age, experience and self-growth, the intuition that builds will likely guide my perceptions closer and closer to the truth of any matter, even if it is in conflict with what I believe, and this ability is called wisdom, but it is highly unlikely that my understanding of anything will ever be exact, or whole, or complete.

So the only belief one could say I have, is of the ‘force’ mentioned above, but as I said, now that I’ve experienced this force, I no longer need to believe in even that!
I know it is true!

    Belief negates understanding. Understanding negates belief.

I have mentioned or implied before, that a strong belief is worth dying for.
Hmm… if your belief is later consolidated by new found knowledge and experience, is it still worth dying for?
As the position reached is higher than belief, is it still necessary to make a point of your belief being the right one for others to follow…?
As I type, I’m starting to get the feeling of:
If a person doesn’t want to believe in what I’m saying… so what. I now know I’m right. I no longer need to prove it. If they want to go through life ignorant, then so be it… their problem, not mine.’
I’ll guide, where I can, but I no longer feel the need to argue.
I’ll be the finger pointing at the moon, but I no longer need others to agree that I’m pointing in the right direction. That is now irrelevant. I have found my truth.


I suppose though, that I do have beliefs as to the nature of this force. But I am trying hard, through the pursuit of experiential knowledge, to turn these beliefs into wisdom.