20th Sept ’11 (taken from my personal journal)

I watched Clint Eastwood’s film ‘Gran Torino’ last week and was surprised and perhaps a bit alarmed with how well I could relate to his character.
So much so, that I even asked my wife ‘Is that guy me in 30 years time?’  My 2nd son piped up to say that it’s me in two years – cheeky bugger!

What I really related to was the fact that he wouldn’t stand for any nonsense and that he was a reluctant warrior living in the midst of a crime ridden area.
Eventually when he was shot at the end of the film, it appeared that he gave his life for the good of a friend he had made in the neighbour’s son, and for the good of the community.
However, throughout the film it had been made clear that he was becoming increasingly ill, so I suppose he realised that he could make a difference, whilst ensuring that he wouldn’t have to suffer the decline that his body’s health would inevitability bring.
It is this part of the character’s nature that I applaud, as he used his death for good; for making a difference, and for generating a fine example for others to aspire to.

This is the resolve I hope to have, come the time when (if) the opportunity arises for me to make a difference.
This is the essence of the Peaceful Warrior that I wish to become… but a person doesn’t have to give their life to do so, they only need to be prepared to.