5th Jan ‘12 (taken from my personal journal)

As it is our perception of the world around us that enables us to share; or denies us from sharing, certain ‘beliefs’ that others’ have, it is presumably our judgement of our unconscious perceptions that defines which side of ‘the knife-edge of decision’ we fall.
As perception gives us a personal understanding of the world around us, it is not perception that decides which way we fall, it is judgement.
So the questions are (deliberately avoiding questions on perception!);

  • What is judgement?
  • How is it influenced?
  • Is it possible to make a judgement that is ‘wrong’ ? (Perhaps only if a pre-defined answer has been chosen upon…?)
  • Is judgement only a product of intelligence?
  • Is judgement based experience, beliefs, preconceived ideas, mood, the food we’ve recently eaten, events that are affecting our present state of mind… (anything else ?) ?
  • Are there different kinds / levels of judgement? …reactive, and intelligent… (others?) (i.e. when having to react quickly to avoid danger, there is no time to make a conscious, well informed, intelligent
    decision, but the judgement of what to do can be a ‘do or die’ decision.)

A mix of pre-determined ‘beliefs’, pre-conceived ideas (are these the same thing?), personal perception of environment, situations, people, etc., then finally our subsequent judgement, that colours our understanding of the world around us.
Therefore, it stands to reason that information received throughout life, should determine our reaction / thoughts / judgement of a ‘thing’.
(Information received can be from a large variety of inputs – cultural beliefs, family’s beliefs, schooling, the sort of books read, films watched, etc,