19th Dec ’11 (taken from my personal journal)

As the reality experienced by each individual consists of ‘that which one perceives’, the obvious deduction to be made from this, is that one creates their own reality!

The on-screen director of The Truman Show (played by Ed Harris) quoted the following:
We accept the reality of that which is presented to us.’ …which is so true it scares me!
In context, this quote is aimed toward the natural acceptance of our environment and all aspects within it, from birth to the day when we first question ‘Why?’

This acceptance of ‘…the reality that which is presented to us.’ is of course necessary during the early part of our lives as it is an integral part of our growth as an individual, but it is, perhaps during early adulthood, that many of us start to question the acceptance of certain things. And it is from this point onward that our acceptance or rejection of ideas start to become much more personalised (as opposed to being driven by external influences).

It seems to me that for each person there are two states of reality.
1)       The reality that each of us understand as ‘the state of the totality of all things in the universe at any given moment’ (this is likely to be close to the same for everyone), and…
2)       The reality of those things which we are consciously aware of, and acknowledge their existence as a  result of the ‘thing’ having had some kind of impact, or influence on our lives… however subtle, even if it is only an observation of the ‘thing’.

The first reality above, is based upon the generally accepted idea that if it were possible to freeze time throughout the universe, then explore any aspect of the frozen universe, that we would each be able to concur with another observer, the actual state of any one thing.
The second idea above, is far different to this. The reality described here is created unconsciously as a result of a persons everyday experiences, their particular tendencies (aspects of their personality), and the deep-seated aspects of their chosen (conscious or unconscious) beliefs.