29th Sept ’11 (taken from my persoanl journal)

The nature of things –

Try to persuade an acorn to germinate in December. It KNOWS when and how to germinate, and it knows that December is not that time. It knows without knowing. It is in it’s nature to germinate in the spring as it knows without knowing, that it will die in the cold of winter if it tries for life any earlier.

A male cat knows when a female cat is in season. It won’t try anything on at any other time ‘cause it knows she’ll scratch his eyes out! He knows without knowing. It is in his nature.

Within the animal kingdom, it is in the nature of being male that one needs to protect and provide. In providing, there is a need for the ‘ownership’ of territory.
It is in the nature of being female that one needs to care and nurture and to make a ‘nest’ of what has been provided.
Conflict between man and woman often occurs because of an imbalance of this combined nature. If each respected the natural role of the other and allowed them to carry out their role, there would be much more harmony.

It is in the nature of partnership that one feels the need to feed the partnership; the intangible bond, which is the connecting bridge between souls; and to give to the heart of the other, to help their spirit fly.
In human terms… this is love.

What is there that we know without knowing?  What is our nature?  What is hiding beneath the surface of our self-imposed image that we project to others?
How much have we lost, how much have we gained by suppressing our core nature and becoming what we are today?