20th Dec ’11 (taken from my personal journal)

I am suddenly intrigued by the nature of ‘temptation’, and our varying success at resisting it.

Where I sit in the office at work is immediately adjacent to the cabinet where everyone puts the cakes, sweets, cookies, etc, for birthdays, leaving and holiday gifts to their colleagues, etc. It is within arm’s reach… and provides a terrible temptation to continuously snack!
What suddenly became apparent is where I know that I can’t afford to continuously graze in this manner (I don’t want the weight gain) the temptation is often a greater force than my will.

The fact that temptation can lead me to do something against my own will, even though I should be in full control of what I want, lead me to wondering about what temptation really is.
Is almost seems that it is something that is not a part of the individual… like it comes from elsewhere…
…and why it is something that can be so hard to overcome.