Is it possible to make a decision without emotion when the emotions of close friends or family will be affected?

If the decision was, say, to send a beloved car to the scrapheap, then it would be possible to remove the emotions from the decision, so that personal attachment and sentiment didn’t stop you making the right decision. The car will have no reciprocal emotions.
But when the decision involves the provocation of negative emotions in those close to you, is it possible to make the right decision without involving your own emotions?

If you want to give something great, then you do so knowing that it will make them feel good, but this is also done because you enjoy feeling good about the giving.
If you feel the need to take something valued away knowing that it will make them feel bad, then you won’t want to do the taking as it will also make you feel bad… and you know that it will also be a negative mark against the relationship whether this be short term or long.