The following question occurred to me, so I tried to answer it…

Q.     Do you believe that each person is created for a specific purpose?

A.     No.  I think a person’s purpose is self made… as a result of pursuing a passion, or by having to respond to a situation, etc, forced upon them.
An individual’s pursuit for excellence in their chosen passion reveals to that person what they are capable of doing. Then, and only then, might the person begin to feel a duty to carrying out the task that they were ‘made’ to do. …and even then, in today’s culture, (in terms of individuality, rather than community) there are only a few who feel an obligation to carry out their self-perceived ‘duty’.  Most will just muddle on through life without ever striving to reach for their potential.
However, those forced into a situation where they respond accordingly, and in such a way that reveals that they are the perfect person for the ‘job’, were unknowingly born ready. This could be argued as evidence that they were made by a greater force, but I tend to think that as each person has natural born strengths and weaknesses, then they simply fell into the position where their natural ability had to surface… or they die. (Death is not necessarily the death of the body. Could be a spiritual death, or the death of their feeling of worth.)

What do you think?