There is something shouting loudly
that I am starting to become aware of.
The message isn’t yet fully clear,
but the essence
‘…go forth into the world; explore unknown lands,
and the limitless possibilities that are offered.’
My heart shouts loudly back
at my developing urge to follow this ‘voice’
and says:
But what of those you’re leaving behind?
What will be said by those whose opinions you value?
What if something happens to your loved ones whilst away?
Why are you taking the risk? Stay where it is easy, and all is known!
I’m scared!
Wait…! How do you know that you’re doing the right thing?
I reply to my heart to say:
I’m leaving no one, merely taking a trip.
As for others’, there must come a time when my opinion matters more to me…
… and I must listen to it… or I lose me!
The opinions of others are good for learning, but should not be used for making decisions that affect yourself.
There is always something that could happen to my loved ones,
but I refuse to live my life in fear of this.
Is the risk really any greater than crossing the road,
driving to work, climbing a rockface,
or simply breathing the same air as an unwell person?
Yes, I’m a little scared too, but I believe in the words of The Alchemist:
‘Tell your heart that the fear of suffering is worse than the suffering itself..’
Am I doing the right thing… I don’t know…
but there’s only one way of finding out!


We each our lives balancing on a tightrope,
the fall on one side is to doom and destruction, the other side falls to complete oblivion,
but most of us are so used to our own particular rope
that we have forgotten that we first had to learn how to balance.
To live life more fully, one must make the jump from one rope to another,
only in this way will one learn how to LIVE!

Every man should adventure into the unknown
before he is too old to enjoy it.

Thankyou Paulo Coelho
Thankyou Richard Bach
Thankyou Murray Bruton
Thankyou each for your gifts.