All points of friction between members of a group or family are always due to one thing; …our alternative views of how things should be.
Our frustrations become vented, and tempers are frayed when a person tests or challenges our view of how the world should be.
It is our predetermined expectations of any given situation, along with our view of how others should conduct themselves in that situation, that gives rise to our frustrations, then eventually anger!
To live each moment seamlessly flowing from one moment to the next, negates the need to have expectations as to what to expect of the next moment.
Repose in nothing’ – Bruce Lee (The meaning I derive from this is; don’t dwell on the past, present or future. Simply allow future moments to arrive, deal with them in the present, then forget them as they become the past.)
‘Some day we’ll live like horses, freely…’ – Elton John – Live like horses
Animals have no possessions to protect, defend, or become attached to. They have no expectation of the next moment, so flow freely through life from one moment to the next, never feeling loss or gain, simply dealing with each moment of life as it is presented to them The only anger they suffer is when something of detriment is brought deliberately to their ‘door step’.

The rest of their lives are lived happily and free! …free from the trappings of expectation and pre-determined ideals.
Oh, what lessons we can learn from the animals around us…!