Internal conflict, and regular frustration at the path of one’s life comes from the inherent, unconscious knowledge that one is not doing what they truly wish to do with their life.
The inner person that came into being at their conception (many call this the soul) has many many layers of cultural indoctrination and rules of behaviour that have been imposed at the semi-conscious level of that person throughout their childhood and young adulthood.
The conflict, or inner battle is a result of people you held in trust, telling you what you should and shouldn’t do in life battling with the inner person screaming loudly “LET ME OUT!  I KNOW WHAT YOU REALLY WANT!”

Those who, like me, search for ‘spiritual realisation’ (a term coined by Bruce Lee) eventually reach a point where all those false ideals begin to lose their power and the real person starts to shine brightly through the developing cracks in the mask.
This is the creative heart of the person that has a direct link to the creative part of the nature of the universe.
This is the heart that when noticed at a conscious level brings about a strong emotional response that the person cannot explain – the closest adjective is ‘euphoria’. It gives a high that no drug can match, and is instantly addictive.

For those that understand  what it is that has been experienced, they will spend the rest of their lives searching for methods to experience it again and again. And they will find that the only way to do so, is the travel inward; to be introspective, and to learn to understand themselves first in order that they can learn to understand the external world.

For those who have learned of the Eastern mystics claims of inner peace, spiritual fulfilment, enlightenment, the falling away of the need for material possessions, detachment from the earthly body, etc, they will begin their chase of the same spiritual path as those ancient sages… and this will be something that they will continue to do until their dying day.

Then, one day they will lie on their death bed with a faint detached smile on their face in utter contentment that they have lived their life in the way that they wanted to, not in the way that others told them they should.
They will have no fear of death as they will know it is simply the next step along the path of eternal universal existence.

Their consciousness will fade, but their spirit will stay strong… and eventually the spirit and the body will separate, the body to return to the earth whence it came, and the spirit will once again be re-absorbed into the Great Universal oneness.