Today, for the first time, I went to a ‘Mind, Body, Spirit’ exhibition.
In the past I have felt that this sort of thing is all a little bit wierd and has always been something that I had wanted to steer clear of. However, I now consider myself much more open minded than I was in my past, and so decided to wander around the stalls to try and get some kind of feel for it all.

I was then rather surprised to find that I had a repeat of a very uneasy feeling that I had had many years earlier in the famous French Cathedral of Chartres. I recall that then when I walked around the Cathedral that I had a very strong feeling of ‘being in the wrong place’. And today walking around the stalls of this exhibition, seeing the Tarot Card readers, the Spiritual Healers, the Mediums seated behind a crystal ball, etc, I experienced the same feeling!

What is this feeling?!
Now, I’m trying to be as fair as I know how to be, so I wonder if it is because there is something ‘false’ within all of this, or if it is simply a self confidence thing, in that I don’t wish for people to see me at that sort of function, and it is that that makes me feel uneasy.
As much as I feel it is more likely to be the latter, I think that it is actually my developing sense of TRUE reality (i.e. the underlying source of a ‘thing’, rather than the veil of false truth that is presented) that is hammering on the warning bells of my mind.

The spirituality that has been developing in me as a result of my search for truth, is an utterly different strain of the spirituality on display in these sort of events. Mine is hidden, and is a constant driver for my thoughts and actions.

I’m sorry, but I cannot help but reach the same conclusion as I have reached in the past in that those who follow this sort of spiritualism (Tarot cards, Astrology, Auras, Crystal balls, Predicting futures, hands on healing, etc, etc) have travelled only part way down the road to understanding the world around them, but have then got stuck on believing that these things are the real deal. They don’t realise that they have not yet reached the end of the path… they are only at the halfway house.