I am currently most of the way through John Little’s book entitled ‘The Warrior Within – the Philosophies of Bruce Lee to better understand the world around you and to achieve a rewarding life’ and it is quite possibly the best book ever written… for me!

I have been searching for a large part of my life for something, and for the most part, I didn’t even know I was searching, let alone, for what!
In the last few years the existence and the nature of the search has revealed itself to me through the philosophical lessons of the Martial Art school I used to be a part of.
As a result, this enabled me to understand the ‘genre’ of what it is that piques my interest, and therefore enable me to put a more defined focus on my search for ‘life, the universe and everything’ !
Over the last 2½ years, since leaving that Martial Art school, my understanding has developed in massive leaps and bounds (something that wouldn’t have happened if I’d stayed) resulting in first, my book ‘The Colour of My Mind’ and second, this blog which is really just a continuation of the book.

All of this work has constantly circled around the core subject of my search, getting ever closer, but never quite getting there… but if I had ever been asked what that core was, I wouldn’t have been able to answer. I knew it was there, but it was so out of focus that I was unable to work out what it actually was.

The aforementioned book ‘The Warrior Within’ has done for me, what no other learning has ever managed. The effect has been incredible, and it has been like putting on a pair of specially designed glasses that have allowed me to look at the core of my search and see, not only the shape of the core, but also some areas of detail within.
There are many, many sections within the book where it feels as if I am reading my own words , but words that I haven’t yet written!
This has given me the opportunity to understand the meaning behind John Little’s and Bruce Lee’s words instantly, without having to ‘translate’ them into my method of thought… as they are already in that state. I suppose that this must mean that that I have the same mindset as John (not that I’m trying to say that I believe that I’m even close to being as visionary as him…).

So if you’re not yet bored of my wittering, you must be wondering what the core consists of… well, so am I, and as I often find out what I’m writing about by reading it after I’ve finished, this should be interesting!

I know it will be difficult to put into words as it is something that doesn’t exist as words, and doesn’t have a pre-defined label, and as it is just a ‘feeling’, it is not something that is easily converts to words… but I’ll give it a shot… here goes!
The core to my understanding of ‘life, the universe, and everything’ is:

  • That there is a universal driving force of ‘creation’ and ‘destruction’ and that everything else comes from this..
  • That this force can be individually tapped with practice and enough passion.
  • That tapping into the creative side of this force is deeply satisfying for the spirit, but that the destructive side leaves a person feeling empty. It is analogous to ‘The Dark Side’ of the Star Wars films.
  • That to have the chance of developing the necessary passion, requires finding an interest that resonates deeply within your ‘soul’… it is something that makes you feel good; very good! But, to be clear, it is not something that is shallow in meaning like sex, money, or the attainment of a particular material possession.
  • That to understand anything of worth in depth, means that a person has first learn to understand themselves. It sounds corny in today’s materialistic western world, but to do so means finding your ‘inner being’, or ‘finding yourself’.
  • That to be true to yourself is VERY important, but that you first have to find out through introspective thought what ‘being true to yourself’ really means.
  • That the worlds major religious systems all centre on the same thing, and that their core is the same as what I’ve found. And that the smaller tribal types of belief also centre on this core.
  • That all the ‘decorations’ of the religious systems are completely unnecessary for a true understanding of the core.
  • That all the ‘decorations’ of the religious systems, and the symbols, rituals and ceremonies, are all reflections of ‘being human’ and should be celebrated as a very human thing… but nothing more.
  • That all things good and bad are created by one’s own perception of the given situation. That we each judge the situation as ‘good’ or as ‘bad’, when in reality they just are. Or in other words, the polarity of good and bad is something that we choose to impose on the things around us.
  • That everything is really very, very simple, and that in life there is so much complexity piled upon complexity, that the resultant cultural ethos is all very, very false.
  • That as we have grown from the universe, then we are a part of the universe, rather than as our human ‘curse’ would lead us to believe; separate from, and observers of the universe. We are each participants in the game of creating the universe of the future.

I think that the driving force behind the self-development that led to this position I now find myself in, was a deep, almost unconscious feeling that there is something wrong with the ‘rules’ and ‘conditions’, or the ‘rights’ and ‘wrongs’ of behaviour that were being imposed upon my life by the English culture I grew up within, and with the beauty of hindsight, I realise that my personal nature constantly resisted the imprisonment of my spirit that would have ensued had I ‘believed’ in the false truths that I was being fed. And that when this feeling is combined with the sort of inquisitive, questioning nature I have, it became something that had to be resolved… no matter how long it took.

This is the search that I embarked upon at around the age of 12 without even knowing, for around 20 years.

The thought that occurred to me earlier is that maybe I’ve reached the end of my 25 year long search (only the last 5 – 10 years was evident to me), and now is the time for the next stage; which I think must be to learn how to use this new understanding in all areas of my life… or maybe it is now to simply sit back and enjoy the view…!

The last few weeks of reading ‘The Warrior Within’ has been an incredible, stimulating, exciting and enlightening time that has now provided me with such opportunity to advance my self, that I couldn’t have ever have wished for more!

My deepest wish would be that I could help guide others to their own personal ultimate realisation.

Thanks for reading!