So you ask me ‘What’s real?’, do you?
Well… I’ll tell you what’s not…

We live in an age, where the things we depend on are created by man.
Where we sweat and toil to buy what we can.
We have created a culture of ‘take what you can’.
But tis all, in the end, to the detriment of man.

We live in man-made buildings,
we drive man-made cars,
we drink man-made drinks,
and enjoy man-made coffee bars.

We communicate using man-made methods,
through our man-made internet forums with their lack of decorum.
We make long distance telephone calls,
and send millions of e-mails far beyond our walls.

We follow a hectic daily schedule at breakneck pace,
always knowing, but always forgetting, it’s not a race.
We temper our behaviour and emotions just to save face,
when at times we’d like to just fill their eyes with mace.

With life lived in the way it is today,
we’ve forgotten our dreams and we’ve lost our way.
To find out what’s real, and to learn what’s not,
go sit on a mountain, and learn to remember what’s been forgot.