When all is dark,
and it seems that all is gone,
there is always a small light,
shining brightly, it’s always turned on.

Some call it God,
or love, or hope,
but whatever its name,
it is there to help us cope.

It is forever creative,
it’s existence known as Mother Nature, or Gaia.
It’s soul purpose, it’s meaning,
is to give the chance to exist, that’s it’s desire.

It is not aware of its own existence,
any more than a cloud knows of it’s rain,
but it is there nonetheless,
and it can help us deal with our pain.

So where is this light,
this saviour of souls?
Where is this thing
that purportedly helps us feel whole?

You will find it deep inside,
becoming apparent with a still mind.
It is everywhere all at once,
but wherever you choose to look, you will not find.

It resides in the place where inspiration is born,
and where poetry comes from hearts that are torn.
It is where sculptors retreat to, to find the form within the stone,
and where musicians go to discover the notes of their next musical poem.

It is everywhere and nowhere,
integral with all things,
it can be found deep within the heart of a star,
and in the meaning behind the symbol of marriage rings.

It is not so much there to help,
but there to guide,
there to provide direction,
and there to ease life’s ride.

It is not distant, or separate from any of us,
and can be found within our very being, deep within our soul.
It has always been there, since the beginning of time,
waiting for you; ’tis so very old.

It is the core to the existence of all things.
It is the Mother to all,
to the stars, the trees and the rains that fall.
It’s name is ……………

No. It has no name.
It just is.