I am the moment that separates night from day.
I am the impetus behind your thoughts.
I am your pain and your pride,
your empathy and your selfishness.
I am the beauty of the sunset,
and the reflection of the full moon on the ocean.
I am the freedom of the Eagle soaring high,
and the map for the swallows on their migrations.
I am the beat of a butterfly’s wings,
and the rhythm of the tides.
I am the stillness of the morning mist,
and the anger of the storm.
I am the place where the marathon runner goes,
and the stars in the midst of their death throes.
I am the moment of conception,
and the glue between life and death.
I am what makes the trees blossom in spring,
and why the flowers turn their heads to the sun.
I am the bringer of decay,
and the giver of life.
I am the moment of now,
and yet I fill all of time.
I am everything, yet I am no-thing.
I am everything… and you…
…are me.