A scarily observant post I think…!

Liberated Way

There is something wrong in civilisation.

I received a comment to a blog of mine about the complexity of modern life, introducing the word “kafka.”  In the English dictionary is a word “Kafkaesque” that describes situations as like those in the writings of Franz Kafka as “Marked by a senseless, disorienting, often menacing complexity.”

“Kafkaesque” perfectly sums up how I feel when I walk around in civilisation.  I was born into this sort of society, and should know no difference, but I do, and I feel a menacing wrongness about everything.  I say “menacing” because it is like a brooding shadow at the extreme of my perception, like some dark claw would reach out in an instant and drag me screaming into devouring darkness.  I have had such dreams of course, of bright happy scenes, where the lights start failing,  it slips into horror, and though I have no lucid…

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