Sooo, on a different vein to my usual posts… have any of you tried running in the latest craze of ‘barefoot running shoes’? (An oxymoron if ever I heard one!)

In my continual search for ‘real’ stuff, I have stumbled upon this craze… and I have to say that it makes full sense to me.
I cannot help but feel that as we are designed to walk / run with our feet parallel to the floor, that the idea of footwear with a zero height difference between the front and the rear makes sense.

The experience that I have had is that my centre of gravity, or more accurately, my centre of alignment has totally changed. After three weeks of wearing the aforementioned pair of oxymorons, I tried a day in my old, normal running shoes. It was a nightmare!
I found that I was constantly having to push my upper body upright, and my pelvis forward. I kept scuffing my toes and almost tripping over. My centre of balance was completely screwed up! …but most importantly, it didn’t feel that I was simply re-adjusting to an old habitual posture… it actually felt wrong!

…ooooo… there’s an idea! If we always do something in the non-designed manner, i.e., the way that we are told that we should,  is it even possible to do something in the right way without major change…?
Could it be true that when we take on something new that forces us to change from our old habits, that we might by chance start doing it in the way that is right for ourselves?
We are told from early childhood that we should be writing with our right hand, using cutlery with the fork in our left, that we have to behave in this way, and react in that way.
It is drilled into us without us even knowing, that we must conform to the myriad ideas that are perpetuated by society as a whole, and by the culture / sub-cultures that we live within.
This never takes into account what we might actually be capable of achieving if we were left to our own devices.

…just like running with footwear that lifts our heels higher than our forefoot, we are re-aligned in a way that is never going to be our optimal position.