I’ve been pondering for some time on the nature of relationships and have come to the following conclusion:

A relationship can be thought of a as living breathing ‘thing’ that is brought into being at the germination of the bond between two people. It is like a child of the pair. In order to grow, both must feed it with love and compassion.
The growth will not happen if only one person is feeding it, for it takes acknowledgment of the joint responsibility for it to stay alive.
It can only live for so long if only fed by one, for it will eventually wither and die if it is not a conduit for mutual love.

The strongest relationships can be seen in those whose bond is strong. They both feed the relationship either knowingly, actively trying to help it grow, or simply feeding it instinctively.

When one talks, the other listens… intently.
When one tells a joke, the other laughs.
When one cries, the other offers their shoulder.
When one is feeling down, the other helps to lift them.
When one is flying high, the other lifts them higher still.
When one is lost, the other helps gently point the way.
When one is ill, the other tends to their every need.
When one needs comfort, the other is always there.
When one needs time alone, the other lets them go… but is always within reach.
When one glances over, the other smiles gently back.
Whatever one does, the other acts as the mirror of achivement, and of unconditional acceptance,
no matter how great the success, or how deep the failure.
The lovechild of any couple is their relationship.
The depth of their love, apparent through the health of their relationship… their bond.