I am in the middle of reading Bear Grylls autobiography and it is interesting to find that where I’m attracted to his antics on TV, I feel even more in tune with him and the philosophies he lives by that are at times directly put forward by him in the book, but at other times are an undercurrent to the storyline of his life.

I am very much like him in terms of what he enjoys doing, where he enjoys being, and what drives him to great achievements… he is just so much more so!

After reading about his early life (the first twenty years or so) I now realise that the direction I have developed in, means that the biggest mistake I made in life was to join the rat race of gaining an apprenticeship, then the subsequent employment in the aircraft design world.

I now understand why there has always been something right on the very extreme edge of my awareness that resides somewhere deep within my unconscious mind. It screams at me, and at times it manages to make itself briefly heard, and it is screaming that I should be doing something else with my life. That I should be doing something out in the wider world, the natural world, or the active world in terms of outdoor sports, or sports coaching, or being a mountain guide, or a physiotherapist, or helping others achieve great heights of physical abilities.

The trouble is, that now I have spent more than twenty years working in factories in the aircraft industry, I don’t know anything else!  I want to get out, but it seems that the financial hit whilst re-training will be too great.
I am now a little tormented, but more frustrated, by the fact that I now know where I want to go, but I feel that I am unable to go there.

The tethers of my life are too strong, the inertia of my journey so great, that to change direction is going to cause suffering to those who rely on me and the regular pay packet that I am able to bring home.

How, oh how do I break out of the rut…?

Is it true that the only way to do this is simply to take a leap of faith…