Find that place inside of you
that exists aside from words and facts,
that has no alliance with letters and numbers.
It sees only shapes and colours,
sounds and smells, rough and smooth, heat and cold, old and new.

When walking through the cities,
divert your eyes from the neon signs and the billboards,
all designed to take advantage of a life’s habit
of searching for information offered all around.

Look instead to the shapes of the clouds, and the paths of the flights of the pigeons,
the way that raindrops gather on the canopies of the burger vans,
and the rivulets that run downhill to the drains in the road’s gutters.
Look instead to the creeping ice crystals on the cold bus windows,
or to the spiders in the morning weaving a new web, or the mist rising from the river’s surface.

All these things and so much more,
point to an awareness that offers far more
than the ‘in your face’ information that is pushed in your way.
When your soul harmonises with the real world,
that place inside of you will blend seamlessly with the world.