I was chatting with a couple of colleagues recently about a person who left the team, and it was mentioned that he might do the same as an older retired gent who works the winters, and travels the world for the summers – fantastic!
One of the colleagues remarked “Isn’t a it a pity that we have to wait until we’re retired to be able to do that.
I couldn’t help but respond with “Rubbish! There’s nothing stopping you do that now! If you want it, then granted, you have to work for it, but it can be done! ” then walked away with the other colleague (who obviously agreed with me) and said to him “His problem is that he believes in it.” i.e. that to live ‘properly’ in the western world a person must try to get good grades in school, then find a stable and ‘safe job’ that promises to pay enough for your ‘daily bread’ and your mortgage (but no more!), work there for life, pay into a pension for when you retire, find a life partner, marry them, buy a suburban 3 bed-semi, have 2.4 children, a family car, two weeks holiday every year, give the children chocolate eggs at Easter, and expensive wrapped toys at Christmas…….

But all that said, he does have a point in that it is difficult to break out of the mould where the first layers are applied before a person even goes to school, and do something different to that which is expected of us.

On reflection, there seem to be three groups within the British society:

1)       Those in a good financial position, whether through professional success, wealthy and generous parents, a sizeable inheritance, or having been lucky with the National Lottery, etc; they are each in a position where they could choose to take some time out and do courses, or gain experiences that would enable them to become educated in a chosen field of interest.

2)       Those in a reasonable position of financial security, but only if they continue to work / spend in the way they do today. They cannot spend more than their means for any real length of time, or they run into problems with mortgage payments, etc. If they choose to take time out from earning, then it is at risk due to the financial hit that they will suffer from.

3)       Finally those who are in no position to do anything different than survive financially on a day-to-day basis; whether this be by choice of laziness, or by simply being victim to circumstances out of their control. They are unable to climb out of the rut in which their life runs. They need someone to give them a bit of a leg-up.

My colleagues and I fall into the second category, so it is difficult for us to change our direction in life without some kind of hardship. We’re comfortable, but only as long as we don’t try to change course.

But…! It is possible for us to make a change. We just need to find a dream that is powerful enough that it make the risks worth risking.

Nothing’s impossible… it’s just that some things are less possible than others.