Isn’t it funny how all people know that it is necessary to wear clothes in normal civilisation, but that some have absolutely no idea how to wear them!
(…these are scruffy ones, or badly dressed ones…)

Young children are the greatest mirror of self.

Children react to you as you truly are. They react without any thought towards diplomacy. If they like you, they let you know… if not, they let you know.

All things have their own oneness, but all things are one.

A modern western person has been raised in a non-spiritual world that teaches false truths with an undercurrent of understanding that all things are individual, and it is their reactions with other ‘individual things’ that is all important.
What is not realised is that all things and their effects are interrelated.
Individuality doesn’t exist. —
It is an illusion that is borne of the all pervading affect of 350 years of classical physics (Sir Issac Newton et al)  into everyday life. There is also a clash between this feature of our western culture, and the older religious, spiritual cultures that still underpin many of our daily habits, regardless of whether we as ‘individuals’ choose to follow them.
(I think this subject actually deserves a blog of it’s own… watch this space!)

One should not allow themselves to become a slave to anything that is not of conscious choice.

Today’s teen’s are slaves to their mobile phones and Facebook. Young adults are slaves to impressing their boss, or to wearing the right clothes to ‘fit in’ with their chosen peer group.

I choose to be a slave to this method of thought (shown by this blog) that allows me to realise the things that I do, but it is also something that I can drop as it take an effort to raise my thoughts to a level where I can follow them through… so, I suppose I’m actually no longer a slave to it.

Most are unaware of this self-imposed slavery as the behaviour patterns and their ensuing habits are ‘Well, it’s just what you do, innit?’ or they believe that their habits are the correct way to live a life… because that’s what they were taught by those who they trusted… who were doing exactly the same…
Question: Where do you place yourself in this?