In ‘Relationships #1’ I spoke of the way in which a relationship could be viewed  as a living creature between two people, one that needs feeding, attention and TLC by both parties, or it dies a death.
I have also realised that there is another type of relationship that we have with all other things in our universes – sometimes one sided, and at other times two sided and more like the other I’ve preivously described.

This other kind of relationship is one that  many of us, perhaps most, are unaware of, but to become aware of it is to become more intertwined in your local universe, and more in harmony with those things that you willingly, or unknowingly invite into your life.

For example, lets imagine a hot summer’s day. You’re at work in an office, but are yearning to get outside to enjoy the weather. At dinnertime you take a walk to a shady glade in a nearby park and sit down in the shade of a tree.
How many one-sided relationships are happening all at once?
1)   You have a relationship with a hot summer’s day – it makes you feel good, but asks for nothing in return except for appreciation.
2)   You have a relationship with park / glade  – you go there because on a day like this being within it brings a sense of peace, or holiday, or a return to nature.
3)   You have a relationship with a tree – the tree means nothing to you except on a day like this when you can enjoy it’s ability to shade you from the harshness of the sun’s rays, and only adds to the experience.
4)   Perhaps you also have a relationship with the comings and goings of the people in that park, but one that they are unaware of. You find it relaxing to sit and simply observe the mothers with their children in the play area, the dogs chasing the stick thrown by their owner, the lunchtime runners, etc.

Now, you could just sit there waiting for the time to go back to the office, or you could sit there and truely enjoy the experience of quiet observation of all those things above, or the Ladybird that lands on your arm, or the Sparrows that chirp at each other trying to get the bread that you’ve thrown.

At all times it is possible to become one with the moment, to allow yourself to forget yourself, to harmonise with the immediate world around you, and to refresh your spirit ready for the next onslaught of ‘civilisation’.