Standing here,
looking out through these eyes of mine,
I see you looking back at me.
You wait for me to entertain,
to provoke,
or to dance in the rain.
But I don’t… I won’t … I can’t.

Do you have dreams, I wonder,
that are held back by stupid pride,
or insecurities like mine?
…the irrational fears that stop me
from  dancing in that rain
for fear of what others will think of me…

The storm clouds open,
unleashing torrents of abuse.
I try to object,
try to go out into the rain,
but ‘tis no use.

The chains I so want to break,
hold me fast,
they were made to be strong,
they were made to last.
I grit my teeth
knowing the pain that will come
pulling hard on the chains
really REALLY giving some.
They strain, I strain,
something’s got to give
…will it be me…?
NO! this time I must be strong,
and at last I feel I have the strength to carry on.
But I must be prepared to push forever
…or be lost forever.

The barbs on the chains,
they tear at the flesh
I grind my teeth,
with pain I wrest.
I feel them give… just a little,
but it hurts so much.
Perhaps I should give up… NO!
Push more I must.

In one final heave,
one surge of courage,
I tear myself free… free at last!
Free to dance in the rain.
…but instead, I find that the clouds begin to part…
and sunshine filters through
each beam of light bright, like stars in the dark.

I wanted to dance in the rain,
but instead I bask in the light…
the light of complete freedom,
wondrous at how it illuminates everything
so clear, and so bright…
The clarity startling,
the last of the raindrops sparkling.

I turn and look back at the chains
lying prostrate on the floor,
but already starting to rise toward me once more.

Stepping away and out of their reach
I feel free and young,
like a child, wide-eyed  on a beach.

I look again, once more at you,
and with pity I smile inside
at what I see with this fresh eyed new view.

I turn, I jump, I run and I skip.
I play on the turf,
like dolphins in surf.

I’m free, I’m FREE!
As free as can be
and I wave goodbye to insecurity.

The horizon of possibility approaches,
and I finally realise that I, yes me! can be,
that I