I learned a bit more about myself today.
As you may have noticed from one of the underlying themes of my posts, I believe very strongly that a person should work hard towards discovering themselves in terms of what their true nature is; what they are best suited for.

I have been lucky enough to be forced into taking this week off of work (as well as the usual Christmas week), so today I chose to use the time on a walk I’ve never done before. I walked the Horseshoe up and over Pen-Y-Fan in the Brecon Beacons in Wales.

In finding myself smiling with sheer enjoyment long before I reached the peak, I then realised that I express myself best through physical activity of natural human movements in natural environments. It is in doing this sort of thing that I feel most alive! …and just to extend this idea further, I did the entire walk in Barefoot walking boots – absolutely love ’em!

It also explains why I find the idea behind MovNat (only just discovered this this week too!) so exciting. Many many things that I’ve been discovering about myself is contained within the general idea of MovNat.
I’m now seriously considering going on a MovNat trainers course – there’s one in May 2013… anyone else?