Yesterday in the newspaper there was a headline article about the sad case of a woman who, after a night of excess with friends decided in her inebriated state to sleep it off in a car.
The following morning her friends found her literally frozen to death.
The article went on the say that these friends had been arrested for failing to exercise their obligation to ‘duty of care’.
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My first thought was ‘Why had the couple been arrested?’ considering that the woman had unintentionally brought about her death by allowing herself to become too intoxicated to make proper rational decisions, and also to be so intoxicated that her normal mechanisms of self-preservation (feeling the cold) failed her.
As she had allowed herself to get into this state, she is, in my opinion, solely to blame for her early demise.

Taking a step back for a moment; I believe that we are each responsible for the results of our actions and non-actions. The immediate implication of this is that no other person should be held accountable to the results of your own actions.

Therefore in a case such as this, the actions of this lady resulted in a fatal consequence for herself.
Even though I recognise that her friends should have been there to help her make the right decisions (however, they may have been just as intoxicated…), I strongly feel that they should not have their lives wrecked by the judicial system.

Before you all give me cases where a person is expected to take care of another, put yourself in the same position as this lady. Would you want your friends to be procecuted for manslaughter because you made the wrong decision…?

I wouldn’t.