For a thing to thrive, it must be stressed,
but stressed in a way that is appropriate to its nature.

I have written before about the Yin Yang duality and how for something to be ‘active’ and not ‘actively dead’ it has to have something to react against, i.e. it has to have an opposing force of an appropriate nature in order to exert its own nature.

We have all read of accounts where people have been close to death, not through illness, but through experiencing ‘a close shave’, and have said afterwards how alive they felt! Maybe you’ve been lucky enough to experience this?

Never have I felt so alive as when I was so close to death!‘ … a common statement.

The opposing forces here are the ‘forces’ of life and death. In order to feel most alive -to thrive- the opposing ‘force’ of death stresses one to do their absolute utmost to stay alive.

So, if you are comfortable in ‘the human zoo’ (Erwan Le Corre) and perfectly capable of coping with everything that your life throws at you, then you are not thriving… you’re not even close…
Get out of your comfort zone…
…go thrive!