An old colleague of mine returned to work today after 9 months travelling the globe, taking casual work in a vineyard, then later on the snowslopes in New Zealand, amongst other stuff.
In brief discussion with a mutual friend I mentioned that he is only planning to work for the next few months, then go again!
In jest my friend said “Sounds like a good plan, but surly he should have a wife, kids, mortgage, dog and guinea pigs by now to tie him to his desk??
…but in a sense it wasn’t a jest, was it? But a jealous wish to his own past, or perhaps in knowing what I’m like, to mine.

But it’s true isn’t it?
From early childhood, we are imbued with a sense of correctness, order, obligation to fit in and follow the masses… and then a person does something like this… and for me, it’s like a kick in the teeth.

I imagine that if I hadn’t chosen a different path so early in my adult life, that I may have done something similar. Certainly I would have if I had developed the philosophy that I now have!

How many of you can say the same…?
How many of you follow the masses like another willing sheep…? I try hard not to, but I know in reality I haven’t yet broken away…