Observation of the day:

We are strange creatures.
We have all this power to view, understand and change the world around us, and the universe beyond.
Yet our tendencies lead us to believe in that which simply appeals to us, regardless of its validity,
and to mock, ignore, or belittle that which we doesn’t… even if it is infallible truth.

Conversely, we also have the tendency to mock, ignore, or belittle that which is the ultimate truth,
simply because it doesn’t appeal to our individual nature,
or perhaps because it doesn’t match a fallasy that has already been proposed as truth by a person we trust.

I can only conclude from this, that we are not so much the negative creatures that other thinkers say we are,
but creatures that deliberately delude themselves, even though it is done on an unconscious level.

We are self-delusional, and for the most part, completely unaware of it!