I have, for some time, been considering becoming vegetarian, but I find myself at internal conflict.
I am a person of strong principles, but also of strong faith in my ideas (when I feel they are well enough researched).

The idea…:
Humans have incisors.
Humans have a digestive system suitable for extracting protein from meat.
Humans are capable of catching and killing animals.
It is pretty obvious that regardless of how a person chooses to think, that the human body/mind system is designed to eat, amongst other things, meat.

The faith…:
I strongly believe that a person who wishes to obtain the optimum performance from body and mind, and the greatest experience of this thing we call ‘life’, that they should attempt to live a lifestyle that approaches the state of only consuming natural foods, only training in natural movements, only living by cycles of natural rhythms, etc.
(Obviously, the extent that this can occur is down to how much a person is willing to commit to it.)
With this position, and the above ‘idea’, it becomes obvious that I believe that a person should eat meat.

The recent change…:
Over the years, my respect for living things has grown and grown. So far this has reached the level of saying to others ‘Don’t kill it!‘ when seeing that they are about to squash a spider, or fly, or wasp, etc.
Also, I have, for some time felt that a person shouldn’t be prepared to eat meat if they’re not prepared to kill the animal first.
This weekend, this feeling rose to another level when I thought of looking the creature in the eye before taking it’s life. I don’t think I could do it.
Today I found myself actively looking for vegetarian options instead of the usual meat based food that I so love.

The conflict…
So, I have a strong faith in the idea that I should eat meat, but now the developing principle has grown sufficiently that I am no longer willing to take the life of an animal simply because I like the flavour of its flesh; unless I’m literally starving to death, in which case I think it is definitely justified!

Hmm… I wonder where I’ll go from here…!