It is, with mixed feelings, that I join in with the annual two minutes of remembrance for the fallen.
Not mixed as to whether it is something I should or shouldn’t do, but feelings that arise when witnessing during those two minutes, the amount of people that cannot be bothered to inconvenience themselves for just two minutes a year!
If they say that they forgot, then that is simply not acceptable. All it takes is to set an alarm!

However, that aside, the mixed feelings come from the respect I hold for those who gave, and those serving today that have placed themselves in a position where they are willing to give their lives for the protection of our current (mostly) free lifestyles… and the fact that people are forgetting.
It is very good that there are huge numbers that do not forget. But I can’t help but wonder if equally, it is good that it is fading from the collective memory so that many do forget to remember.
By this I mean that the lifestyle we can lead now is partially (maybe more than we realise) as a result of those gave their lives, and because we can forget, means that they were successful in their aim; to fight for the freedom that they wished for their children and grandchildren – us!

Ask yourself a question: if it had been you, would you prefer that they forever remembered that you failed in your task to save the future; or would you prefer that the world they lived in was good enough to be able to forget your sacrifice?