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Great blog found…

Just found this great blog, and I reckon it needs more followers… doesn’t matter how many it already has. Just thought I’d give it a helping hand…
Take a look…


What an excellent narrative on my home city! Well worth a read.

Bristol, give me a signal.

Jar of Happiness

A great idea… Thought I’d share it with you!

Jar of Happiness.

A scarily observant post I think…!

Liberated Way

There is something wrong in civilisation.

I received a comment to a blog of mine about the complexity of modern life, introducing the word “kafka.”  In the English dictionary is a word “Kafkaesque” that describes situations as like those in the writings of Franz Kafka as “Marked by a senseless, disorienting, often menacing complexity.”

“Kafkaesque” perfectly sums up how I feel when I walk around in civilisation.  I was born into this sort of society, and should know no difference, but I do, and I feel a menacing wrongness about everything.  I say “menacing” because it is like a brooding shadow at the extreme of my perception, like some dark claw would reach out in an instant and drag me screaming into devouring darkness.  I have had such dreams of course, of bright happy scenes, where the lights start failing,  it slips into horror, and though I have no lucid…

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A very interesting post on another version of Yin and Yang… simply under another name.

Liberated Way

The Celtic concept of the Cosmos is of a Wheel and Axis working together.

In a recent blog a reader called Danny Williams explained in the comments the concept of yin and yang.  Williams explained yin and yang in terms of a pendulum, and the interaction of gravity and inertia that drove the Cosmos through the constant inbalance between the two parts.  Williams said that if there was ever balance between yin and yang then the Cosmos would die, since there would be no motion through the activity of inbalance of the parts.

In Celtic philosophy there is no concept of a single universal entity or force like that of the Hebrew religions, instead there are two parts working together.  These parts are symbolised as a Wheel and an Axis.  The wheel is female and the axis is male.  It is best to think of the Celtic Cosmos as like…

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