Hello to you, the reader!
Welcome to my blog page where I shall be posting all sorts of weird and wonderful thoughts, questions, personal answers, observations of the world around me, my take on all manner of scientific discoveries, etc… all with a view to walking a path towards complete understanding of this fantastic opportunity we have been ‘given’ that we call LIFE!
I have recently published a book that can be found on Amazon.com and Amazon .co.uk under the name of ‘The Colour of My Mind’. This book document’s the first decade or so of this personal path that I was, initially, unwittingly following.
I shan’t bore you with details now, but there is a sizeable description on the Amazon page that will tell you more… should you be interested.

So… what is this blog for?
Well, I have for a long time wanted to set up some kind of forum where I can post my philosophical thoughts and ideas, with the view of entering into discussion with other like minded people, in order to seek out the truth of existence.
Maybe you’re one of those people…?

Anyway, that’s enough for now, and hopefully enough to have piqued your interest to read my future blogs

Thanks for reading 🙂