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Lying supine,
the notes drifting gently into my ears,
eyes closed,
my soul caressed, lifted, freed unnoticed from earthly encumbrance.
Wings expanding, flexing, testing,
catching the breeze of floating notes,
turning skyward…
Upwards, outwards, everywherewards,
expanding, speeding, soaring, accelerating, twisting, turning,
pure expression of being glowing intensely,
trailing a wingtip through Jupiter’s gas clouds,
speeding a hairsbreadth above Saturn’s rings,
teardrops of blissful ecstasy falling onto the sun,
then out and up past the stars, eons flying by, in a second’s passing,
flying alongside icy comets on their way to fiery deaths,
their icy glittering trailing plumes, a witness to their brief existence.
The notes of musical magic resonating in perfect harmony with the tuning fork of my soul,
finally reaching pitch in the glass of my being,
shattering, exploding firework-like into a thousand million pieces of glittering stardust,
falling, returning, drifting down through a peppermint sky,
completely and utterly untied.


The pond affect

Cultural upheaval, like the breakdown of Yugoslavia and similar, causes humans to create ‘turbulence’ that manifests itself as civil and political unrest. And this will continue until a new balance of power is found.

On reflection, this appears to be the natural response that is also witnessed as when removing a rock from the bottom of a still pond.
The action of removing the rock creates disturbance in the immediate vicinity. The surrounding silt wells up in clouds, then slowly dissipates over an area far wider than the rock originally took up, thus affecting much more than only the space it had occupied.
This disruption causes territorial disputes in both animals and plants.

The animals will have come to accept that rock as one of the defining features of their world. Similarly, the plants that grew around the rock will have always have had the rock to grow around, under, or on.
In both cases it had ‘always’ been there.

The animals will now have a battle over the new territory as the territorial boundaries created by the faces of the rock have disappeared. If they don’t stay and fight to protect what they deem as theirs, they will move out looking for new homes, and new protection from predators, thus causing a temporary imbalance in territorial boundaries much further afield.
The plants will have their own territorial battle, albeit a lot slower. They will now battle over space for the nutrients in the newly exposed silt, and over access to sunlight that was previously unavailable to all.

All of this clearly demonstrates that :
1) Defining features of an environment have a direct affect on all things within that environment.
2) That a change to that feature causes disturbance to life of all forms, that often results in conflict through new pressures of survival and power balance.
3) That the apparent individual nature of ‘things’ is in fact an illusion, as a change in one ‘thing’ causes a ripple effect in other ‘things’.

The change in a ‘thing’ doesn’t even have to be of the physical world.
A loud sneeze in a quiet office can often cause humourous comments from others (I just witnessed this 5 minutes ago!)  This in turn can have a ripple affect across the office as others hear the comments and laugh, join in, or simply look up distracted by the commotion.

A sudden stimulus of light, sound, vibration, influx of people / animals, materialisation, or de-materialisation of an object(s) also causes the ‘meerkat affect’ in people and animals.

To veer off the subject for a moment; it is accepted within the scientific world of the physicists, that matter and energy are simply different aspects of the same universal property.  A corollary would be that water can exist as ice, liquid, or gas, but each state has different properties, but is made from the same thing.

Going back to what I’ve written above, it is becoming clear to me that there is a universal tendency inherent in all things to settle into a state of low energy when all things in the immediate environment are in equilibrium (whether a balanced, or unbalanced equilibrium).
When there is sudden change to the quantity of matter or energy within that environment (remember that they are the same thing), disturbance must occur whilst a new equilibrium is established.
Because we humans are made of the universe, we also follow this pattern as it is just as inherent in out makeup, at the deepest level… hence the likes of what was seen after the breakdown of Yugoslavia.

Is the European Union next?

The core to all

When all is dark,
and it seems that all is gone,
there is always a small light,
shining brightly, it’s always turned on.

Some call it God,
or love, or hope,
but whatever its name,
it is there to help us cope.

It is forever creative,
it’s existence known as Mother Nature, or Gaia.
It’s soul purpose, it’s meaning,
is to give the chance to exist, that’s it’s desire.

It is not aware of its own existence,
any more than a cloud knows of it’s rain,
but it is there nonetheless,
and it can help us deal with our pain.

So where is this light,
this saviour of souls?
Where is this thing
that purportedly helps us feel whole?

You will find it deep inside,
becoming apparent with a still mind.
It is everywhere all at once,
but wherever you choose to look, you will not find.

It resides in the place where inspiration is born,
and where poetry comes from hearts that are torn.
It is where sculptors retreat to, to find the form within the stone,
and where musicians go to discover the notes of their next musical poem.

It is everywhere and nowhere,
integral with all things,
it can be found deep within the heart of a star,
and in the meaning behind the symbol of marriage rings.

It is not so much there to help,
but there to guide,
there to provide direction,
and there to ease life’s ride.

It is not distant, or separate from any of us,
and can be found within our very being, deep within our soul.
It has always been there, since the beginning of time,
waiting for you; ’tis so very old.

It is the core to the existence of all things.
It is the Mother to all,
to the stars, the trees and the rains that fall.
It’s name is ……………

No. It has no name.
It just is.

When listening to music, one’s mood can be altered profoundly.
But when creating music, the resultant music is profoundly affected by the mood of the composer.

So, which is the creator, and which the created?

It appears that it is neither and both, or rather it is the unity, or relationship that is the result of the combined effort.
This ethereal aspect of duality that links creator and created, begs the question as to whether or not this is the same for all human experience.

Many experiences are only made real by the inter-relationship of ‘giver’ and ‘receiver’ whether animate, or inanimate.

We are designed to interact with our surroundings, not to stand separate from them.
We are not observers of the universe but inextricable participants in the constant interplay of all aspects of our lives.
The interplay is carried out in the form of ‘relationship’ with whatever it is that we are involved with at any given moment.

(subsequent thoughts from 3 days later…)
So, if the last paragraph above is true, then what is the ‘substance’ of  ‘thought’ if not something that has no direct relationship…?
Or does it?

Non-abstract thought is related to that about which the thought is centred.
For instance, if I was to think about my child’s bike, I will remember that the brakes need sorting out and a puncture needs fixing. I also remember that it is red, has old rusty steel wheels (which is probably the real problem with the brakes!) and that the handlebars are higher than I would like, but he’s happy with them.
So there is a direct relationship between me (and my thoughts) and the bike, even though I am nowhere near the bike at this moment.
If the bike didn’t exist, then the thoughts would not have occurred as there would not have been a relationship to be ‘entertained’.
Actually, come to think of it, the relationship is between me and my memories of the bike. So at this moment, the relationship is between me… and me!

Now, here’s a thought… if while I’m away, someone were to take the bike and utterly disassemble it right down to an atomic level so that there was no true remnant left, my thoughts could continue, thereby indicating that the bike exists somewhere in time and space… which brings the question up of ‘Why can’t I remember things that are a part of my future?’ they also exist in time and space, and they have the same status as the bike in that they don’t exist now…….!

So what about abstract thought? To what is that related?
…or is it ever truly abstract…? Can something be thought of that has never been experienced / witnessed / developed from something else…?
If not, then thoughts that are apparently abstract, are in fact related to those things that have been experienced / witnessed / etc, and through the human ability to use imagination, something new can be envisaged… but the new ‘thing’ is still a development of something in the person’s past.