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Lying supine,
the notes drifting gently into my ears,
eyes closed,
my soul caressed, lifted, freed unnoticed from earthly encumbrance.
Wings expanding, flexing, testing,
catching the breeze of floating notes,
turning skyward…
Upwards, outwards, everywherewards,
expanding, speeding, soaring, accelerating, twisting, turning,
pure expression of being glowing intensely,
trailing a wingtip through Jupiter’s gas clouds,
speeding a hairsbreadth above Saturn’s rings,
teardrops of blissful ecstasy falling onto the sun,
then out and up past the stars, eons flying by, in a second’s passing,
flying alongside icy comets on their way to fiery deaths,
their icy glittering trailing plumes, a witness to their brief existence.
The notes of musical magic resonating in perfect harmony with the tuning fork of my soul,
finally reaching pitch in the glass of my being,
shattering, exploding firework-like into a thousand million pieces of glittering stardust,
falling, returning, drifting down through a peppermint sky,
completely and utterly untied.


There is an idea, accepted by some, that says that we are each created for a purpose.

Personally, I entertain a version of this idea in that we are not so much created for a purpose, but that we each have an ideal position / environment / social position (or something of this sort…) that we are each individually best suited to. Note: not created!
(See my version of the Buddhist’s ‘Original Face’.)

On the way to work this morning, I suddenly realised something that supports this idea of mine.
I realised that in looking back on some questions I remember asking my Dad as a child, the questions were coming from the same place as they do today; 30 years later.
They were / are a reflection of a certain type of enquiring mind, but one that as a child was nowhere near finding itself (definition: learning of its own nature).
Over recent years, I have, most definitely, discovered a lot about me; about who I am, and what makes me tick.
I have learned a lot about my strengths and weaknesses, and of how my history has influenced who I am today.
And now, I have just realised that even in following this long path of self-discovery, it is only now that I am discovering that I am still the same person I was when I was asking my Dad certain types of questions all those years ago.

So, I might ask myself:   “What has changed in that time?
In answer:   “Not a lot!

But now it seems that the inevitable direction my life was to take, was pre-determined by my make-up; by my core ‘harmonies’ that make me who I am. Like a graphic equalizer running on 1 million channels, its default position was set at the point at which I became me; at the point where I changed from being a little ball of flesh to being a growing human being.
(I wonder… was that before or after the brain started to develop in the womb?)

Granted, I know a lot more. I am able to look after myself in physical, emotional, financial and professional terms.
But my nature hasn’t changed one bit.
I am what I am.
I am only a more mature version today.

The process of self-discovery,
at first directs you away.
In the years that follow, of re-covery,
you will re-find your self one day.

The nature of things

29th Sept ’11 (taken from my persoanl journal)

The nature of things –

Try to persuade an acorn to germinate in December. It KNOWS when and how to germinate, and it knows that December is not that time. It knows without knowing. It is in it’s nature to germinate in the spring as it knows without knowing, that it will die in the cold of winter if it tries for life any earlier.

A male cat knows when a female cat is in season. It won’t try anything on at any other time ‘cause it knows she’ll scratch his eyes out! He knows without knowing. It is in his nature.

Within the animal kingdom, it is in the nature of being male that one needs to protect and provide. In providing, there is a need for the ‘ownership’ of territory.
It is in the nature of being female that one needs to care and nurture and to make a ‘nest’ of what has been provided.
Conflict between man and woman often occurs because of an imbalance of this combined nature. If each respected the natural role of the other and allowed them to carry out their role, there would be much more harmony.

It is in the nature of partnership that one feels the need to feed the partnership; the intangible bond, which is the connecting bridge between souls; and to give to the heart of the other, to help their spirit fly.
In human terms… this is love.

What is there that we know without knowing?  What is our nature?  What is hiding beneath the surface of our self-imposed image that we project to others?
How much have we lost, how much have we gained by suppressing our core nature and becoming what we are today?