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From a young age, we start to learn the importance of monetary wealth.
“Mummy, can I have one of those please?”
“Sorry darling, we don’t have enough money.”

We are taught the ‘value’ of something that is destined to be detrimental to our health.

Modern schooling is designed to lift us up high, to positions of responsibility and power,
but is not designed to teach us the importance of spiritual health,
and the well-being that comes from being free to do as you choose,
without feeling restricted by the expectations of others.
The enrichment that comes from the satisfaction of self-sufficiency,
only really requiring help when you truly cannot do anything more.
The joy and fun that comes from running in the summer rain with no shoes,
and climbing trees just because you can.
The freedom that comes from being able to choose not to work just because the sun is shining,
And the mental health that comes from being free of the trappings of responsibility and power…
the very thing that you were taught would be your greatest achievement!

The more I see the benefits of greater monetary wealth,
the more I see how restrictive that wealth becomes.
If you had no money, no possessions, and no responsibilities to anyone but yourself,
then how much freer would your life be…
how truly wealthy would you then be…?


The energy of Happiness

I was listening to Chris Evans on Radio 2 on the way to work one morning last week when they started to discuss a recent study that concludes that unhappy people live longer. ( Woah! Talk about humans being negative creatures! )
Chris’ view was that he would rather live for less time and be happy, than not… probably the sentiment of most, I would imagine!
He then highlighted this with quite a profound comment:

The thing is, it’s easy to be miserable. It takes a lot of energy to be happy.’

Quite right Chris! …and a great example you are too!


You are what you eat

They say… ‘You are what you eat’.
I say… ‘Look in the mirror… you are a reflection of your lifestyle’.