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Just a few realisations I’ve been storing…

A person should do that which pleases the heart,
not that which pleases the mind.

I realize now, that I have seen both the moment of creation of a learned fear, and the moment of realization of a primal fear. Sometimes these are rational and true. Sometimes they are irrational and simply believed to be real.
The pattern seems to revolve around the learned fears being mostly irrational, and the primal fears being real and rational.

Men and Women are equal, but that’s not to say that they are the same.
They are opposing sides of a duality.

A ha! Of course!
As a species we have never had to think about what we eat in terms of health, quite simply because unhealthy food didn’t exist until the last few decades when companies started pumping unnatural chemicals into their products.
What we are suffering from today is something that is brand new to evolution, and as much as, as an organism we are capable of quick adaptation to changes in our diet, that capability will have developed from millions of years of changes in the natural food supply of the local environment throughout the lifetimes of our genetic ancestors.
This, along with all the other things we’re doing to our environment, is another lit fuse in the ticking timebomb of the mass extinction event we are unwittingly creating.
I suppose that this little revelation means that I should no longer buy or consume unnatural food stuffs as I will then be guilty of perpetuating the impending disaster.

A person cannot rightfully place blame on another for their actions, if their actions are due to a lack of knowledge.
However, once made aware of said lack of knowledge, it then becomes the responsibility of that person to lift themselves to a higher place, or rightfully face blame the next time their actions fall short of expectations.

One cannot plan a journey of discovery,
just as one cannot plan a sculpture.
Sculptures, paintings, dance, music and other arts come from a process of creativity,
each step revealing its own self,
ready for the discovery of what the next step will become.
It is the same with the discovery of the self, each new step of awakening revealing the start of the next.
If you are working to a plan, you are unlikely to discover anything of worth.
Let go of plans, and choose goals instead, for they provide direction, but without a planned journey.

The Universe is made of existence and non-existence,
interaction and change.
It cares not for the aspirations of man,
nor of his vanities or love of money.
The rules of the Universe provide the potential
for utterly limitless creation.
The Universe expresses itself through form, and radiation, and life,
and in one form of life it even looks back on itself and once said:
– “We are a way for the Cosmos to know itself.” – Carl Sagan

So many are so interested in how they look, they forget to pay attention to how they are.

An artist can be so intent on capturing the moment on canvas, on film, in a poem… that they forget that the one chance to enjoy that moment is ‘now’!
(Realised when trying to capture a sunset in a photo – I was so busy trying to capture the moment, I nearly missed the moment itself!)

I now know that cancer is not like a virus;
…something to be endured and overcome,
but is a battle to be fought and won.

Before a certain age, children don’t see ‘do not pass’ barriers, they only see an obstacle in the way of what they want to get.
So the concept of ‘no go’ areas is a learned skill, or a conditioned skill.

Try acting as the person that you want to become.
If you truly want to be that person, then act as if your life depends upon it… which is probably more true than you realise!

I think my greatest fear is not that there isn’t or is an afterlife, but that I get to the end of this life and find that I missed out on the chances that were available.

Like gravity is a universal force that is only noticed when two objects with mass react with each other (think of the cause of craters), and magnetism is a universal force that shows itself through reacting with ferrous materials (patterns in iron filings), is life a universal force that reveals itself through the collation of atoms and molecules to create organisms?

I wonder… do animals feel ill when they are ill, or do they just feel different to their usual?
When we feel ill, do we feel ill because we’ve defined it as illness… and does that then make it worse through the psychosomatic phenomenon…?

Ref something out of your control… if you keep banging your head against a brick wall, you’ll keep getting a sore head.
Work around it, not through it.
…or walk away from it!

Another property of the universe: the more energy you store or apply to something, the faster it degrades.
Stress in the mind,
Stress in a piece of metal or plastic (perhaps stored in a stressed position…),
Stress of life on a wild animal as opposed to a domesticated one,
Stress of constant and repeated sunlight on dyed fabrics, plastic toys, skin…

It’s interesting to note that those who are most interesting, are often quiet and ‘boring’ on the surface, but often those who are most interesting and fun on the surface, are often boring, with little to talk about underneath.
It’s as if all the bells and whistles are there to hide the fact that they have nothing else to offer. But those who have more, have no need to offer the bells and whistles.


Now there’s an interesting thought…!

This reason that blog has the title of ‘The Colour of My Mind’ is because some years ago when I was searching for a suitable name for my book (this blog is a continuation of the book…), it dawned on me that everything I was writing about, the ideas I put forward, and the observations and the following successes and failures of those ideas, were all centred on the way that I see the world.
So, the mind that has developed within me is a continuing, developing summation of my experiences, observations, perceptions and thoughts, and so, it is a unique mind… just like yours!
To capture this, the title was chosen as a metaphor for the above, because of the obvious parallel with the question of; When I see the colour red, do you see the same colour red?
What I mean is, if I was able to experience what you experience, would I recognise the colour that you perceive as being the same as what I experience? Or is it simply that our experiences teach us that that particular visual stimulus is the same as those around us also call ‘red’?

Are you still with me…?

So, the interesting thought I just had, is based upon the fact that my sister recently had a Cochlear Implant inserted as her hearing had deteriorated so far that she could hear almost nothing.
After three weeks, the implant was turned on for the first time and she could then hear the world around her in all its glory for the time in many years.
However, there is a bit of a known hurdle to get over first for anyone going through the same experience.
The brain has to re-learn sounds!

To give a quick anatomical lesson, hearing is the ability to detect vibrations in the air (pressure waves) by way of those vibrations being captured and directed by the ‘flappy’ bit of the external ear (the bit you hang your sunglasses on) into and along the ear canal (earhole).
At the far end of the canal is the eardrum (a thin membrane of skin) and is a physical barrier that prevents water, dirt, insects, etc from reaching the inner ear.
As the sound hits it, it vibrates and transfers the pressure waves into a rapid physical movement of three tiny bones in your ear (the Ossicles – the ‘hammer’ which is attached to the eardrum, the ‘anvil’, this is what the hammer hits, and the ‘stirrup’ which looks literally like a horse rider’s stirrup. This stirrup is attached to the side of the Cochlear).
Their movements are further transferred into the Cochlear (another tiny bone that looks a bit like a snail shell and is hollow and filled with fluid) and in there becomes pressure waves again in the fluid.
So when sound travels into the ear, by way of the above action path, it makes this fluid ‘wobble’, and this wobble is picked up by tiny hairs that project from the inner walls of the Cochlear into the fluid. As it wobbles, they wobble. When they wobble an electrical signal is produced and travels along the auditory nerve to the brain.
From there the brain interprets the signals as sound.

Sooo… you might be wondering where am I going with this?
Well, as can be seen above, the brain does not get to actually hear sound. It only gets the chance to interpret electrical signals in a learned fashion.
When it comes to seeing a colour, the electrical signal that reaches the brain comes via a different mechanism, but ends as being an electrical signal that requires interpreting nonetheless.

In my sister’s case, the tiny hairs had all but disappeared, so the vibrations weren’t getting turned into electrical signals.
If I understand correctly, the Cochlear Implant is an electrode that is placed into the tiny snail-like bone (that’s bloody amazing on its own!) and the electrical signals are emitted from it for the nerve endings to pick up.
After my sister had the implant turned on, she reported that the first thing she could hear was Geese… then Ducks… but she wasn’t anywhere near a farm or wildfowl sanctuary… everything just sounded like that!!
This was the interpretation that her brain was making of the new method of receiving the electrical signals.

Shortly afterwards, her brain started making the links between what she was seeing and the sound that it was supposed to be hearing… then things started to make more sense to her conscious mind.

Personally I found this absolutely fascinating, but now I’ve just realised that her brain was deciding what those visual stimuli should actually be sounding like, based upon what it believes! …i.e. what it has previously experienced.
In other words, the sound of a glass dropping and shattering is interpreted within her brain in a certain way, and when this interpretation is communicated to her conscious mind, she recognises it as the sound of breaking glass.
It is her interpretation.
It is what it sounds like to her.
…therefore it is NOT the same as my interpretation!
It cannot be the same as what I hear!
It is only by association between the action and the stimulus that we both understand what the stimulus actually is!

So… when she sees the colour red, she does not see the same colour as what I see.
She only sees what she interprets as red.

To take this just a smidgen further… we must each see our own personal version of the world around us.
And so, what I am witness to is the same as what you witness, but my experience is different, even though the association is the same.

Utterly fascinating!!!

“Another week done!” said my boss on my way out the door.
“Yep, another week of my life gone.” said I.
“Aww, don’t look at it that way.” he said.
‘Why not? That’s what it is.‘ I thought, but said “Yeah, but it’s just the way you choose to use it…”
“That’s it!” he said… implying ‘That’s a better attitude!’

Couldn’t help but think that he is using the culturally accepted way of justifying a ‘waste’ of life time. [sic]

Each hour of our lives belongs to us and only us. How we choose to use those hours is a matter of choice.
It may not be a direct choice, i.e. you may have previously chosen to commit to a mortgage, and in turn you committing yourself to having to pay for it… which, for most of us, means working. However, it is still a choice!

To my mind, I choose to work for the amount of hours needed to pay the mortgage and bills… and to pay for future dreams!
I do NOT subscribe to the idea of the accumulation of money as being a goal worth substituting my life hours to.
Each hour that passes will never pass again… what I’m doing in those hours better be bloody worth it!

It is the stuff in between things that is important; the stuff that truly matters.
Not the things in the middle, bounded and described by the space around them.
Like the substance that Dark Matter is made of; the stuff that strings the galaxies of the universe together, and keeps the stars circling forever,
…the essence of which the scientists are searching for.
Like the way that the walls of a building define and contain useful space. The walls themselves, having less useful properties.
Like the lines on a football field, and the rules of the game, they are in themselves useless, but it is what they describe that matters.
Like the timing between the notes in a piece of music, rather than the notes themselves.
Like the intangibility of love, and hate, and the other emotions; the stuff that holds people together, or pushes them apart.

It is the understanding of the relationship between things that holds more value than the things themselves.
It is here that the supporting framework is found; the framework that places things and events in the right places, and creates the illusion of the importance of material things.
But it is our relationship to those things that we really need see and perceive… the gap between us and it.

To become truly wise, one should seek this understanding, as all things are linked by the space between them, not the things themselves.
This is what is meant by ‘all things are one’.

Buckets of gold

Whilst on a recent short holiday with my 7yr old son, we were talking about why I try to be always busy doing things I enjoy. Why I want to try everything, to experience everything.
To attempt to get the message across, I decided to try to paint an analogical picture in his head.
I said “Imagine that you are given the opportunity to go into the greatest gold mine ever. Where the nuggets are so abundant that they are just lying around on the floor. You are given a bucket and told that you are allowed to take as much as you like up to the limit of what you can fit in the bucket.”

I then turned to look him in the eye to say “Wouldn’t it be a shame if you only partially filled that bucket?
He looked at me, grinned, and with a quizzical look on his face said “I don’t know what you’re talking about…!

Ha!  I had to laugh…!  At times I have to remind myself that he is still only 7…

For those who aren’t following… the gold mine is your opportunity to enjoy life, filled with opportunities of true richness (the nuggets of gold), given by whatever creator you believe in.
The bucket is the memories of the good times of your life that you will look back on when lying on your death bed.

Now, I don’t know about you, but when I reach my death bed, I want my bucket to be overflowing!

For those of you that know me well, you’ll have heard me talking of my belief that training in natural movements is the best possible way to train body and mind. In fact, I would imagine that this may come through within the essence of this blog… I hope it does!
A few months ago, I discovered that there is a man who came to the same conclusion years ago, and has since developed a method that is becoming popular across the world.
This is certainly a training method that I intend to pursue, but currently am trying to adjust my lifestyle in other ways as well… but it’ll happen fairly soon 🙂

See the links below for an interview with Erwan Le Corre… maybe you’ll understand my belief after reading this – enjoy!

Part 1:

Part 2:

Observation of the day:

We are strange creatures.
We have all this power to view, understand and change the world around us, and the universe beyond.
Yet our tendencies lead us to believe in that which simply appeals to us, regardless of its validity,
and to mock, ignore, or belittle that which we doesn’t… even if it is infallible truth.

Conversely, we also have the tendency to mock, ignore, or belittle that which is the ultimate truth,
simply because it doesn’t appeal to our individual nature,
or perhaps because it doesn’t match a fallasy that has already been proposed as truth by a person we trust.

I can only conclude from this, that we are not so much the negative creatures that other thinkers say we are,
but creatures that deliberately delude themselves, even though it is done on an unconscious level.

We are self-delusional, and for the most part, completely unaware of it!

‘It is written!’

To believe in Fate, or to believe that your life’s path is pre-determined,
is tantamount to refusing to accept responsibility for your actions and non-actions.
I believe that your life’s path is a result of the choices you make.
So make them wisely!

It is a fallacy to believe that Human nature has changed as a result of civilisation.
Men are still men; Women are still women, and children are still children.
Many times have I heard ‘We’ve evolved beyond all that’ ,
yet many times I have read in the newspapers and seen on the news channels
despicable things done by one human to another… only to hear a person say
in disgust, hatred, and dismay at what they have witnessed ‘They’re like animals!

…and I think ‘Yeah… aren’t they just.’ …because that’s what we are.
We are another creature that walks the planet.
Regardless of all our gizmo’s that distance us further from our true nature with every passing year.
Underneath the façade painted on our exterior, still lies the animal within,
the primal creature that will fight dirty to feed and protect her children,
to gain that little advantage over another when the going gets really tough.

When the master painter paints a master piece, he starts with a blank canvas.
This is wetted and stretched around a frame, thus altering its original nature.
Now free from creases and warps, it is ready to be obscured by an alternative surface.
A surface that is carefully applied, layer upon layer until the final work reveals itself.
However, the original canvas is still there. It supports the layers of built up brush strokes.
But if it were removed from the frame, folded or rolled, the layers would start to crack,
the original surface would begin to show through, and it becomes apparent
that the painting only masks the original canvas… the original nature.

When born we are each a blank canvas.
During our early years, we are stretched and moulded to fit the human mould of our local culture.
Then civilisation, projected through our parents and peers begins to paint the brush strokes,
laying down layer upon layer of quiet indoctrination, each one supported by the last.
Finally, at some point during our teenage years, we become the person we will always be,
only to have the brush strokes of our chosen path reinforce the earlier layers,
the colours and directions becoming ever more regulated; ever more predictable.
In our final years, the layers are so deep that the canvas can no longer flex,
everything so stiff, so rigid… so inflexible,
that regardless of the original nature of our canvas, we are incapable of expressing it at all.

Surely, the greatest gift a person can give is to help guide young people towards searching for, finding,
and understanding their canvas… their original nature.
If still young enough, they can free themselves of the traditional path of their forefathers,
and that, they will witness, which is followed by most.
I, for one, cannot see a greater way of expressing oneself, than to express it through your original nature,
…but perhaps that’s simply a result of the shape of my canvas.


As an Aerospace Engineer, I have a mind-set that looks to see where something is measured from in order for it to make sense to me. I look for datums.
This learned mind-set permeates all aspects of my life and makes me ask seemingly awkward questions so that I can understand whatever it is I’ve just been told, or is proposed to me.

For example, in Britain, we’ve recently been informed that 2012 was the 2nd wettest year on record with more than 52 inches (1,32 meters) of rain falling. (It certainly seemed the wettest!) It was just a few millimetres short of being the wettest.
To understand this claim, the engineer in me wants to know how this was measured, so immediately asks the questions of:
1) Was that evenly distributed across the country, and was there more or less where I live…?
2) Were the two years similar in terms of the distribution of rain through the year, or was one drier than the other over say, the first quarter?

This might seem that I’m simply being awkward (my wife says I am!) but really I am just trying to understand how similar the two years were. I’m just making sure that I understand the ‘units’ of measurement, otherwise, to an engineer, the statement means nothing!
For example, it could be that in one of the years, we caught the tail end of a North Atlantic hurricane that dumped 15 inches of rain in two days. Whereas the other year may have been affected by an increasingly common jet-stream shift.
This could bring the rainfall total to the same numbers, but in reality the hurricane year was 15 inches less, except for the two days of freak weather. Those 15 inches might even make the difference between the driest and wettest years… so the 2nd wettest year ever would be a, not incorrect, but misleading claim.

Ok… so going back to the subject within the title of this post… I think that Man is neither inherently good nor evil. It is a self-defeating question because of the datum to which it must be measured.
The nature of Man is being measured against Man’s inherent nature… how far away from the ocean are you when you’re fully immersed within it…?

The datum for measuring good or evil seems defined by that which is predominant in our nature; it is our default condition, and different aspects of it are enhanced or suppressed by the culture in which we live, and by a common element of the influences that have made each of us the people we are today.
Something that is seen to be ‘good’ today, may not be so in 100 years. The culture will be different, and the datum for measuring good and bad will have shifted.

Interestingly, this proves that neither good nor evil exist. They are simply inventions of the human condition… conspiracy theorists might say that this ‘invention’ was created and then driven by the governments in order to control the population… and if this is true, it still shows that they are inventions of the human condition.

My point in this post is to show how often we fall victim to supposition and how when making a judgement call of some nature, we should try to make sure that we understand what our judgement is being measured against.
We should each look to the datum of things… the core of things in order to better understand judgements / our beliefs originate.