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Those who would laugh at you, ridicule your attempts to show them something of worth, mock you for the cheap trick of getting a laugh themselves; do they have something to offer that is greater?

If not, then don’t take their words to heart, they are merely jealous of your greater ability (…though they probably don’t realise it) and their jibes can be ignored, because if all they have to offer is derision without substance, then they have nothing to offer at all.

Be confidant with your gifts and skills.

Go forth and express your being; your self, show the world who and what you are!


22nd Sept ’11 (taken from my personal journal)

Expression of self.

The self is not of the physical world, but it is granted at birth the body and mind as a tool to express itself with, if so desired.
The self is free from worldly constraints, but the expression of self can only be shown to the world within the constraints of the body and mind that is bequeathed to it. The self is limited by the capabilities of the physical being.

Those who feel utterly free, so spiritually free that to others it seems that their spirit is flying above the clouds; they are the ones who are able to express their self through whatever their natural skills are, i.e. music, dance, singing, flying, writing poetry, running, cycling, painting, sculpting… whatever it is that enables them to forget everything else and become totally absorbed in their chosen task.
This is how they connect to the Original Face… through their artistic self they express their existence through spontaneous creativity.

…hmm, so how do those who are not of an artistic nature express their self?  Or are we all this way inclined, but simply in need of finding out where the spontaneous creativity will lead us…?

Added 3rd Oct ‘11

…and the self is not of human nature. Human nature is what occurs when the self ‘activates’ a human baby and follows the natural path that the human takes through life.
So… the self can only express itself in a human way if the self is granted a human body and mind. If the self had been granted the body and mind of a Blue whale, then it would be able to express itself in a Blue whale way.

Hmm, interesting.  Thinking of what some belief systems believe about reincarnation, I wonder if there is a compromising position between them, and those who believe that one life is all you get.
The compromising position being; that they are right to say that your ‘soul’ can inhabit any living organism, but I can’t see that re-inhabiting is what happens.
What I’m saying is that maybe reincarnation is not quite right, but also maybe one life isn’t right either.
So, one doesn’t get ‘awarded’ with the body and mind of a higher life form for leading a ‘good’ life, but the chance of inhabiting the body and mind of a lower life form could have occurred instead…

Questions for future consideration…
– Are ‘selves’ recycled after their body dies?
– Do we have a choice as to what we inhabit whilst we are still floating in the timeless ether of the universe without a body, but a choice we have no recollection of, when inhabiting a body? – See Richard Bach’s ideas ‘that we have chosen to live on this planet, in this time, in this body’.