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It is the stuff in between things that is important.
It is not the things themselves that truly matter.
Like the intangibility of love, hate, or other emotions that holds people together, or pushes them apart.
Like the substance that Dark Matter is made of; the stuff that strings the galaxies of the universe together, that the scientists are searching for.
Like the walls of a building define and contain useful space. The walls themselves, having less useful properties.
Like the lines on a football field, and the rules of the game, they are in themselves useless, but it is what they describe that matters.
Like the timing between the notes of a piece of music, rather than the notes themselves.

It is the understanding of the relationship between things that holds more value than the things themselves.
It is the supporting framework that places things and events in the right places to create the illusion of importance of material things. But it is our relationship to those things that we really need see and perceive.

To become truly wise, seek this understanding as all things are linked by the space between them, not the things themselves.
This is what is meant by ‘all things are one’.


All things are one!

Following on from my observation of  ‘All things have their own oneness, but all things are one.’  on July 16th 2012, I had a recent experience and mini epiphany,  which led to a deeper understanding of this observation. Read on…

Every experience is based upon feedback from the ‘things’ related to the experience in question (and perhaps to experiences that occurred in the past through the connectiveness of memories to the present.)
For example:

  • A musician couldn’t make music sound right if he couldn’t hear it.
  • An artist couldn’t paint a good picture if he could not see.
  • A Olympic Javelin thrower couldn’t throw effectively if he could not feel the weight and balance of the Javelin.
  • A Formula One driver couldn’t drive fast if he could not feel the way the car responds to his steering and its reaction to the road surface.

If one thinks of themselves as an individual entity, separate to the world, reaching out to his surroundings in order to interact with them, then he is deluding himself, as he would not have reached out if those things were not there.

This belief in individuality is rife in the modern world, as our western culture leads us to believe that we are each a piece of the universe that is separate to all other pieces.

To awaken ourselves to this illusion, what is needed is to discover and learn that we are each a single cog in the infinite machine of the universal effect. Like a pebble dropped in a pond, we each cause ripples. Most of these ripples have little or no effect on other things as the properties of their own existence (what we generally think of as individuality when we apply this to us) has enough self-sustaining power to overcome the effect of your ripples (influence). But on occaision, the ripple can be like the beat of a butterfly’s wings; it can cause a hurricane on the other side of the world!

The existence of all things is inter-related, whether directly, or though a ‘knock-on’ effect.

All things are one!